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February 17, 2012 Pasadena, CA/Carson, CA   
CDR-Data Oversees Telecommunications for City of Carson
For over 10 years, the City of Carson has trusted CDR-Data’s team of telecom professionals to deliver a more seamless telecommunications process. With a population of over 90,000 residents, the telephone billing and telemanagement for the city can be difficult to oversee. With CDR-Data’s flagship product, eCDR, the process is simplified and effective. After a successful partnership of 10 years, CDR-Data looks forward to continuing their work with the City of Carson as they expand and develop in the future.
Living up to their city motto, "Future Unlimited," the City of Carson has rapidly expanded since their 1968 inception. With constant growth and technological advancements, the City of Carson enlisted CDR-Data Corporation to help manage their telemanagement and telecom billing.
About CDR-Data Corporation
CDR-Data Corporation, based in Pasadena CA, consists of a group of professionals with decades of experience in the Telemanagement, Call Accounting and IT industry. By using an ASP environment, this team has consistently delivered proven products and services that provide answers to management's questions of telecommunications usage and billing. CDR-Data has gained its market share by consistently delivering high quality and flexible solutions to each and every CDR-Data client.
About City of Carson
Incorporated as a general law city on February 20, 1968, the City of Carson adopted the motto of "Future Unlimited." Its strategic location and vacant land were part of the reason for that statement of unbridled optimism. Located in the South Bay section of Los Angeles County, Carson has grown from a population of 61,000 in 1968 to 94,826 in 2003. While Carson is well known as an industrial center with unparalleled access to transportation and the Pacific Rim, it is also a culturally diverse community that is attractive place to live and work. The city has more than 120 acres of park land divided into 12 parks, 2 mini-parks and sports/recreational facilities that include 3 swimming pools, a boxing center, a state-of-the art sports complex and the Carson Community Center. These facilities allow the residents of Carson to enjoy a variety of sports, recreational and cultural programs.
For More information:
CDR-Data Corporation Michelle Chin 626-791-7900
City of Carson Robert Eggleston 310-830-7600
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