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Featured Company Profile: Whizkids   
More people use the internet today than ever before—and this trend won’t stop. As internet use surges and business applications move to the cloud, businesses will rely extensively on their internet connection.
This presents a problem business owners confront daily: users who tax the network. A single employee may be streaming Pandora, updating LinkedIn, tweeting, connecting to the CRM, and watching a Youtube video all at once. Now consider multiple employees may be at their desks doing the same thing. The result is slower data speeds for other network users
Meeting these connectivity demands requires more than just increased bandwidth: you need control of how users share it. Whizkids SmartShaper is the simple solution, offering dynamic bandwidth management. It allocates bandwidth either equally between active network users or to specific user groups with set speeds, defined by you. Whizkids SmartShaper integrates transparently with your network, prioritizes business-critical applications, and prevents congestion and bandwidth abuse.
Don't let one or two people cripple the productivity of your entire team. Manage your bandwidth to ensure employees can access information when they need it.
About Whizkids
Whizkids is a tech consulting firm that implements, maintains, upgrades, and repairs technology. Our experts work to streamline the way people connect and the way businesses run. Cutting-edge doesn’t have to mean difficult: at Whizkids we utilize today’s most progressive technology to customize communications solutions that are clear and easy for you.
For More information
Whizkids    Michael Thannert    612-454-0401
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