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Save time and cost with integrated CDR-Data Software
CDR-Data provides a full functional cost allocation and charge back system that can be run in an Application Service Provider environment or as an in house system. Our products and services allow the data collection, rating and presentation of your telecommunication usage in an easy to understand format.
CDR-Data Product Suite :
» eBILL-BACK® : This robust service has been developed for Shared Tenant Providers, Multi Tenant Service providers and professionals who require to bill back their telecommunication expenses.
» CDR-ASP : Our flagship Software as a Services with all the resources needed to effectively manage your telecommunications and personnel expenses.
» CDR-UNIX : Premix, CDR-Data's powerful UNIX based telemanagement solution delivers the functionality of over 20 years of call accounting development.
» CDR-Microsoft : CDR-Data proudly markets VXTracker (Voice eXpense Tracker) VXTracker is a Real-Time Network Management Platform that integrates with Voice & Data Switches, Routers and Gateways to manage both the Technical and Financial performance of the Network.
» eCDR® : This service allows clients who currently have an in house system or who only want the capability to review data on an as needed basis.
Features :
A time tested back-end system that delivers a full range of rating and allocation options.
Flexible information presentation and delivery.
Expertise in Telemanagement processes and procedures for implementation and training.
Provides the ability to custom design management information.
Delivers bottom line financial data in formats easily exportable to your general ledger system.
Allows bundled rating and presentation of multiple services such as wireline and wireless network access, paging, Internet access and cable charges.
Benefits :
Clients using CDR-Data software and services can have a full range of rating and reports without having to go through a tedious development cycle.
Our personnel will help you get the most impact from your Telemanagement system by working with your team to develop distribution and dissemination of the data.
Custom management reporting delivers you the ability to get the information you need without spending resources on work around solutions.
Providing multiple services on one detail report allows the manager to review and monitor all the time and resources spent by an employee without having to wade through multiple reports in different formats.
CDR-Data Provides the answers to :
Are your personnel as productive as they could be ?
How will you protect your revenue for telecommunications usage ?
Is your organization protected against illegal phone calls ?
Are your carriers providing you with their best rates and are they charging you correctly ?
Do you have hardware that is over capacity or under utilized ?
Which departments are using what percentage of the telecommunications budget ?
What would be the effect on margins of a new carriers program ?
How can you increase capacity with having to buy more hardware and software ?
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