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For Immediate Release 2014

Pasadena, CA/Township of Franklin NJ
CDR-Data Corporation Allied with Township of Franklin
CDR-Data has partnered with Township of Franklin to help manage their Call Detail records information as they collect data from Franklin’s powerful Cisco telecommunications system.
Using CDR-Data’s eCDRs® solution to review call data information Franklin can now pull at hoc report of potential problems like personnel issues, fraud attack and cost center dollars summaries.
Kevin Young CEO of CDR-Data said “This adds another satisfied CDR-Data client that is working in the Public Vector. We are working hard to provide products and services to cities, counties and state organization”. “We take our GMIS Diamond award very seriously and we are always looking at enhancing our features for the cities and counties arena.”
About Township of Franklin NJ
Voted number 5 as the best city to live in the USA by Money Market Magazine in 2008, Township of Franklin has kept the quaint township but manage the new technology needed to manage and provide the needed services for over 62,000 citizens and including government employees.
Franklin Township was very much a part of the Revolutionary War History and the scene of many raiding parties along Route 27, then known as the King's Highway. Washington's farewell address was delivered to his army in Little Rocky Hill in 1783.
One of the most important developments for Franklin was the building of the Delaware-Raritan Canal in 1834. Twenty-two miles of this continuous water route from New York to Philadelphia runs through the Township. During the Civil War, up to 200,000 tons of freight were hauled by mule and horse-drawn barges, a great economic boon for the area.Today the canal is the source of drinking water and provides recreation for area residents and visitors to the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park.
About CDR-Data Corporation
CDR-Data Corporation, based in Pasadena CA, consists of a group of professionals with decades of experience in the telemanagement, call accounting and IT industry. By using an ASP environment, this team has consistently delivered proven products and services that provide answers to management's questions of telecommunications usage and billing. CDR-Data has gained its market share by consistently delivering high quality and flexible solutions to each and every CDR-Data client.
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