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About US

CDR-Data, based in Pasadena, California, is the brainchild of founder, Kevin Young. Kevin partnered with his long time colleagues, Ron Woods and Ward Lu, all of whom have over 30 years experience helping people take charge of their communications usage across a diverse platform of systems and services.
Together they realized the need to provide information that would take the focus off scrutinizing employee telephone usage and direct the focus on untangling the many components that make up today’s complex communications infrastructure. The result was CDR-Data, a solution that helps shape cost cutting behavior by providing everyone with the information to make usage choices that help the company be more successful.
CDR-Data clients appreciate the friendly, experienced team and their old fashioned approach to service. Today, CDR-Data serves over 400 customers throughout the U.S. and globally. We hope to add your organization to our valued clientele.
ADDRESS:1055 E Colorado Blvd. Suite 5th floor Pasadena, CA 91106   PHONE: 626.791.9700   FAX: 626.791.4658   EMAIL: [email protected]